Tianjin announced the decision of the central leadership of the Tianjin municipal Party committee to restorator

Tianjin city announced the Central Committee on major leadership adjustments of Tianjin municipal Party Committee decision – Beijing, the city held a meeting of leading cadres of the city center on Chen Xi announced its decision to adjust the principal leaders of Tianjin municipal Party committee announced the decision and Li Hongzhong Wang Dongfeng hosted and speech speech speech Zhou Zu wing Xiao Huaiyuan Tianjin network Xianfu Zang attended the Tianjin Daily reporter Wei Mizhe in September 13th, the city of Tianjin? The city held a meeting of leading cadres. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Chen Xi attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Li Hongzhong Ren Tianjin Municipal Committee, standing committee, Secretary Huang Xingguo; no agents of Tianjin Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, replacing the Standing Committee and the mayor, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to do. Party secretary Li Hongzhong speech at the meeting. Wang Dongfeng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee presided over and spoke. The Central Organization Department of the Ministry of fellows and two cadres Secretary Zhou Zuyi attended the meeting. Xiao Huaiyuan, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, attended the meeting of the CPPCC Chairman, Zang Xianfu. Li Hongzhong said in his speech, I firmly support the decision of the Central Committee on major leadership adjustments of Tianjin municipal Party committee, resolutely obey the central decision, thank Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee’s concern and trust, determined to absolute loyalty to the party, the faithful performance of their duties, courage to play, clean and practical action, is not responsible for the party the Central Trust, trust, not negative expectations of the masses of cadres in Tianjin city. As a new member of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, the main person in charge, I firmly support the CPC Central Committee for the alleged serious violation of the Yellow Emperor to conduct an investigation of the organization. Li Hongzhong on the implementation of the central government decided to put forward four requirements, follow the total share with you. First, we must talk about politics, in particular, to talk about politics. We should always put the study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as the primary political task firmly and realistically catch often, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, do the work of Tianjin followed, put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping visited Tianjin’s focus on the three important requirements for the yuan as the key link to follow, to persevere implement. According to the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" speech requirements, don’t forget to early heart, continue to move forward, continue to strengthen the four self-confidence, further strengthen the "Four Consciousness", always ideologically, politically, the same action as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent, and resolutely seriously, hundred-percent on the decisions of the central government in Tianjin, and air plant. To the absolute loyalty to the party, and resolutely safeguard the Party Central Committee as the core of the leadership of the party, and resolutely safeguard the general secretary Xi Jinping as the party’s central leadership, and resolutely safeguard the absolute authority of the leadership core. The municipal bodies to politics, city four team to talk about politics, the city leaders at all levels to talk about politics, talk about the politics of every Party member, the politics to implement strict political discipline and political rules, to strengthen the "Four Consciousness" into words and deeds, do politics "the unity of knowledge and action". Two is to strengthen the party’s construction, and vigorously promote comprehensive strictly, relaxation and endless grasping clean government. Comprehensive strictly is the CPC Central Committee "the fundamental guarantee of four comprehensive strategic layout in Tianjin, is to do a good job.相关的主题文章:

The United States suspects robbed students he is Chinese people must have money – Sohu news sugus

The United States suspects robbed students: he is the Chinese people certainly have money – Sohu news female defendant Alejandra Guerrero admitted that the discipline is pleased, because he is Chinese, Chinese people must have money". (the "world news" file photo) according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the University of Southern California Chinese student discipline is pleased to murder 4 days into the second day of the trial jury, prosecutors announced the first female defendant Alejandra Guerrero was arrested in police interrogation one hour of video, Guerrero admitted beat Ji pleased selected, also said Ji pleased robbery in the road, because he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". Losangeles police officer Paul Shearholdt said the trial he told Guerrero the right of silence and the right to counsel, but she agreed to give up the right answer to the cops. She refuses to talk about Ji pleased events, straight beach robbery, but the police said, "the thing I’m not interested, I just want to know to go to the beach before you do what". She said that the oldest Jonathan Del Carmen 12 in the middle of the night to pick her up, but I do not know where to go". She listened to Andrew Garcia et al. Proposed to go to "rob money" (flocking someone) "suck something", 5 to 10 dollars. Later, she admitted on the road met Ji Yi, Ji readily shot hit her friend, she has a gray wrench, fight back to the court. The police said, near USC Street surveillance video is everywhere, "we have seen the video, know that night of the incident, you do not". She said, they see Ji Xin and think in the street, "he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich" (He is an Chinese guy, Chinese guy must have money). So, she and Garcia to Ji pleased, and asked him "what" is in your pocket, but "Ji pleased as if to say Chinese, we did not understand what he said," Garcia clenched his fist in his face and beat the past, played at least three. She admitted that she had begun, but she explained, was because the discipline is pleased to grab her arm, she just defense, "I asked Garcia to help me". Finally, the discipline is pleased to run, they did not grab what. The police asked her whether she had done such a thing before, she said three times, the last time in a week before the party". The end of the police for questioning after Guerrero’s approval, in her mouth collected DNA samples. The court also showed two surveillance videos taken near the 29 street. Video shows that the four defendants and a girl who was only 14 years old was not indicted, five people together to ride a dark 1993 Honda Accord car, midnight to reach the vicinity of the incident. They drove a few minutes in the transit area, roadside parking, get off for Ji Xin)相关的主题文章:

Li Xue is not good enough for you, your parents just unconditionally hate you 660003

Li Xue: not good enough for you, the parents just hate you unconditionally. – Sohu maternal Author: Li Xue 18 year old Stoudemire jumped into the river after the college entrance examination Dutch act "dead, message, my heart is free." Stoudemire family, really have no what say major abuse: no single divorced, no, no physical abuse disabilities suffer hunger and cold. However, his soul is suffering in hell every second. "What happens, mother’s test 98 is called, a call to eat hiccup earwax dish, also called a wrong position. When I was young, life is not good to be strict with me." "The first month of the whole school 73, call my mother said, my mother said that only 73, ha ha, I was on the other side of the phone are quick to cry. Outside the competition is more intense, the other students in the first 600 parents have a prize, and I?" "See Lao Tze QQ online to scold me, I do not evaluate. Well, I got a scholarship to buy me a computer, and then? My school fifth, (the results of the father said) the computer to buy the impact of learning (I go back once a week), said the Internet addiction." ("I sleep deliberately test) test almost, hope I can ask my dad like, a little changed, and then call the first sentence: don’t you want to read on? I’ll go to another school with you. Don’t waste my money." I use the computer to play CF, and then the virus in the computer, my father hit me, blame me (the result is that his father downloaded pirated software poisoning), my heart is not happy." These trivial things are too common. In his parents, the son of suicide, there is no sign. His mother has been crying: "strict points that are good for him!" "So he didn’t expect him to hold a grudge, didn’t you think we good?" The child has Dutch act, parents still say: blame the child to hold a grudge, actually we are very good for children. Such a family, there are tens of millions in Chinese do not know, is "all in the eyes of most normal families: the family, children need to worry, no physical abuse, parents try to put most of resources for children, such as child expensive school. If a child says he is suffering, almost everyone will retort: your parents pay so much for you, so good for you, how can you say so heartless words?! In such a seemingly normal family, there is a spiritual hell. The parents of the children hate into children get in by every opening in all aspects of life, through various details of mental abuse of children, and the name of "the name of the child". For example: the parents, when children encounter setbacks need strength and security when parents give emotional support, parents need to feel the firm give indifference and ridicule blow, let the child have enemies in front and rear, hopeless, feel the whole world is full of hostility. Such parents, when children’s scolding a child "jubilant, sedate, act to children face, let the children believe that they don’t deserve to be happy, happiness is shameful. This kind of parents, the children in their own affairs, good相关的主题文章:

Whose fault is the child too willful coinwatch

Whose fault is the child too willful? [Abstract] the so-called willful, is to allow their own subjective temperament and preferences to do things, or the individual needs and desires without restraint, completely ignore the feelings of others. However, children’s self willed is a kind of psychological needs. Any habit has its cause. Wayward children, summed up several reasons: parents over indulge and conniving the modern families have only one child, the parents of the child care times to the requirements of children with profound respect and humility. No control, no principle to responsive to the child, for fear of poor care let the children suffer a little grievance, children will naturally insatiable. Children feeding this very common, but also very Chinese characteristics. Doting grandparents not only, also dare not strict discipline. Although many young parents are already aware of the drawbacks, but because both sides have to work, but also the letter small nanny, so only the grandparents feeding through to the end. The Lang Lang is a typical example. A small constant is very naughty, often happen some bumps. At this time, the grandmother will be nervous to complain about his grandfather did not look at the grandson of a tight spot, fell to the son of a bad husband confessed. Parents lack of patience a disobedient child, parents also began to adhere to the principle, when the children can continue to do whatever they want, parents feel tired, think "anyway, he won’t listen to teach", "the child is still small, is not sensible, so he will naturally good, and no longer adhere to the. These parents do not know, children’s self-control has not yet awakened, most of them want to do what they want to do. [Abstract] the so-called willful, is to allow their own subjective temperament and preferences to do things, or the individual needs and desires without restraint, completely ignore the feelings of others. However, children’s self willed is a kind of psychological needs. Parents must adhere to the principle. A basic truth you reap "is very simple: if when young children do not teach responsibility but a compromise, don’t expect the children will automatically change. The children have poor self-control, impulsivity, one-sided thinking and stereotype of parents do not understand the children’s psychological, not reason with rebuke, beatings and other children all the way to respond to "unreasonable demands", resulting in children’s rebellious, with stubborn against parents rude, thus contributing to child’s unruly behavior. Children should be as soon as possible, don’t wait until problems highlighted began to worry, capricious problems are also formed in daily life, be a careful parents to prevent children’s unruly behavior habits! Small series of words: children in the germination of the characteristics of the child’s ability to receive things particularly fast, so during this period the right to teach it will often get twice the result with half the effort. The American Academy of Pediatrics doctor Speirs even advocate the child was born, parents should carry on the purpose of education and guidance. He said: "if you start from second days after the birth of the child discipline, you are a day late."相关的主题文章: